CL Holley Ministries Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by Charlie and Cassandra Holley four years after the tragic death of their teenage son Torrell. While on his last day of basketball tryouts at school, Torrell suddenly collapsed from cardiac arrest and died moments later. He was only thirteen years old. The autopsy attributed the collapse to a rare heart condition called ARVD.

Christians at the time, Charlie, Cassandra, and Torrell’s younger sister Kiana, went through very difficult times. Depression, anger, and doubting their faith were the norm. As they struggled to find some sense of peace and understanding, Charlie and Cassandra began to notice others around them who were also struggling with various life altering issues.

Charlie began to write as a way of expressing his struggles and to help others. His first book entitled, “When Flowers Fade: Finding Hope After the Death of a Loved One”, was surprisingly chosen for review by the publisher. It is currently being re-written. Charlie has since written four more books,”Forgiveness: Walk Me Through It”, “The God of My Midnights”, “Whispers From My Father”, and “Daily Inspirations From the Scriptures.”

Charlie and Cassandra have found their purpose in life: to let others know there is life after tragedies. The message of their ministry is, “There is hope, peace, and even joy in the most unlikely of places.” They have visited many groups including Hospice, Compassionate Friends, Homicide Survivors, and many church groups, including several churches and groups in Montego Bay Jamaica. Use the “Request” button at the top of this page to book their ministry.

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