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Forgiveness is one of the most difficult acts of life. Allow CL Holley to walk you through it using real life examples along with wisdom and insight contained in the word of God.

“I’ve read this before, but it drew me back-It’s 3:am your words touched the soul-moved me to tears!”
-book previewer

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A father shares his godly guidance and counsel for his daughter with all the women of God. The word of God is presented with the warmth, compassion, and protection of a father, yet with the wisdom and enlightenment of the heavenly Father. The Word is applied to real-life situations that women encounter on a daily basis. Filled with comfort, wisdom, and answers for some of the most difficult female situations.

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A collection of daily devotions from the word of God with the power to change your complete outlook on spiritual issues and grow you in the grace and knowledge of God.

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A walk through the book of Job combined with the personal experiences of the author makes this book perfect for those struggling with their tragedy. Written to help the reader understand God’s actions and motives for allowing heartaches. Contains sound advice on how to minister to others. Perfect for personal study or church grief group study. Highly recommended for those who have recently had love ones to pass or who are struggling with health issues.

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