CL Holley Ministries offers several services for your church or organization. There is no specific charge for services but we do accept donations of any size to the ministry.

* Book Ministry (book reading /discussion from any CL Holley book)

1. See a list of books on the “books” tab.


* Grief Ministry (share personal and biblical inspiration for getting through times of extreme challenges. Done in several formats, in one hour bible study, several hour conference, or other.)

1. Tragedies: Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster –
Covers the various emotions that accompany tragedies and how
to deal with them using biblical and practical information (i.e
Anger, sadness, shock, guilt, depression, fear, etc.)

2. Where was God?: Coming to terms with God’s Decision Making –
Emphasizes the fact the God is a decision maker and that He
does make decisions that will allow us to hurt, but He always
has a reason. This presentation is aimed at restoring the
trust of God that some may have lost due to their tragedy,
and helps them come to know God in a more intimate way.

3. Job’s Three Friends: Dealing with Family and Friends who Hurt-
Covers some things that our family members and friends
may do, while trying to help, that end up hurting. Covers the
three actions of forgiveness, what should we just overlook,
and when do we need to approach them to clear up confusion.
Emphasizes patience and understanding on the part of those
who have been hurt.

4. What’s so Merry About Christmas? Dealing with Holidays &
Special Days- Gives tips, from personal experience,
of how to make the holidays and special days less depressed
and challenging. Emphasizes preparation of the mind (Phil
4:8), doing something special in memory of the deceased
instead of not talking about it, and using time and learning
to grow spiritually.

5. Tragedies: Restoring the Hope- Answers the questions of
“Will I ever get past these awful feelings? Will I
ever laugh, live, and love again?” Emphasizes the things
needed to overcome tragedies, learning to change, to develop
new norms, to understand people grieve differently, but the
joy will return. I share details of our personal story.


* Men’s Ministry

1. The Molding of a Dangerous Man (godly qualities that make a man
dangerous in a good way)

2. More Than A Male: manly qualities according to the bible.


* Women’s Ministry

1. Whispers From My Father: Comfort, Guidance, and Counsel for the
woman of God.

2. The Power of Singleness: Explores the positives of the freedom that
accompanies a single life.


*Youth Ministry

1. Godly Dating (godly advice for choosing dates)

2. Torrell’s Dream (following plans and dreams for the future)

3. The Jewel of Virginity (placing high value on one’s virginity)


* Preacher – Teacher – Speaker (CL Holley)

1. Church programs
2. VBS & Conferences
3. Seminars & Retreats (marriage, men, women, and youths).

One comment on “Services

  1. Your web-site is awesome! It has been almost one year since our last seminar and my spirit is leading me to plan another. I’m planning to get with my Pastor to see if he is ready for the men to have a seminar soon. I noticed a topic under the Men’s Ministry and it sound great. Have you written a book for this particular topic? I want you to know that we have kept you, your family and your ministry in our prayers continually. I ask that you and Cassandra will keep us in your prayers as well.

    Love you in the Lord,
    Johnnie and Betty Cook

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